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Some of those who were members of the Club during the early 1970's, brought into frequent contact again in recent years through this site and the wonders of e-mail, travelled back to Laarbruch in June 2006 for a long weekend of nostalgia.

Many had not met for over 30 years. But thickened waists and silver hair (where it still existed) notwithstanding, it was instantly as if the years between had never been.

Laarbruch today is a commercial airport, and the group's heartfelt thanks go to Hal Palmer (whose entire working life has been spent at Laarbruch, first with the RAF and now with the airport operator), who went far beyond the call of duty in opening up the old place for us.

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Outside the old clubhouse.

The club hangar is currently rented out as a warehouse to a local German businessman

The room where the bar used to be.

It seems so small - how did we all pack in?

Checking out the old hangar.

You can take the men out the bar, but you can't take the bar out of the men.

Over 30 years on, re-enacting fond memories where the Club bar used to stand.

The Club hangar and aircraft parking area today.

John Chorley, Al and Liz Lemon, and Roger Goodwin's Jaguar where the Bolkow and the Auster used to stand.

At the Sergeants Mess Bar.

The airport company has maintained the Sergeants Mess as a function centre.

Wulf Ehrhardt and John Bent

Hal Palmer (right) fills in the details on Laarbruch's new role as a regional airport.

Roger Goodwin (left) and Pete Young listen in.

Pete Young and John Chorley try to find the site of the RIC

Al Lemon (right), Steve Pain and Sally.

Pat (right) and Vanessa Haddow, Bill Haddow's widow and daughter.

Very unfamiliar territory. Touring the special armaments area.

No-one got in here 30 years ago!

Marjorie Bent

Liz and Al Lemon

Gathered for a press photo outside the hotel.

The Reunion even attracted the attention of the local newspaper.

Mike Kendall poses while Vanessa Haddow checks out the cockpit.

This privately-owned engineless Starfighter inhabits one of the hardened shelters of the old QRA site.

Pete and Jan Young

On the steps of the old Officers Mess

John Chorley remembers his youth at the station swimming pool.

Inside the old club hangar

Inside the Airport Terminal.

The Terminal was converted from the station's Main Engineering Hangar. First built in Hamburg in the 1930's, rebuilt at Laarbruch in the 1950's. 70 years and counting - what a tribute to German engineering.

Pat Haddow checks out her old Married Quarter

On the Officers' Mess Terrace

Sampling cafe society in Goch

John Bent, Hal Palmer and Wulf Ehrhardt checking out a Schell Imbiss in Goch

The airfield looking west, seen from the Terminal viewing terrace.

The Flying Club flight line was on the grass across the peri-track from the Tower.


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