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Phil Phillips, first CFI, Chief Engineer and early days driving force, pictured on a return visit in December 1970

Via Wulf Ehrhardt.

Wulf Ehrhardt (in front) and ?? obviously feel a need to emphasise the "brakes on" signal. Circa 1969

Via Wulf Ehrhardt

Bob Swainson on the way down under his then very new-fangled steerable 'chute. Circa 1972

Via Mike Kendell

The Club's very own tame sky-diver, Bob Swainson, about to touch down

Bob Swainson, sky-diver extraordinaire, safely down from yet another jump from one of the club's aircraft. Circa 1971

Phil Phillips (right) with Wulf Ehrhardt (centre) and Rick Weigel, circa 1970

Via Wulf Erhardt

Wulf Ehrhardt (left) and Graham Chilvers, Club meeting, 1970

Via Wulf Ehrhardt

Deputy CFI John Bent and Marly Ehrhardt find the Dornier's wing makes a first-class viewing platform.

Taken on arrival of the Dornier, September 1970.

Via Wulf Ehrhardt

Phil Phillips, Graham Chilvers and Larry Browning with the Bolkow, December 1970

Phil had just flown the Bolkow back from UK after an interminable CofA, hence Phil's garland of flowers from a relieved and grateful membership.

Graham Chilvers manhandles the Auster. He took over as CFI in 1970.

Graham infused the club with his own spirit of infectious enthusiasm. Tragically, he was to lose his life in the club's worst-ever and only fatal accident, while practising for an air display.

Via Steven Chilvers (his son)

Pete Pitcher in typical extrovert form in the Club lecture room.

Note the list of jobs-to-do on the blackboard.

Via Wulf Ehrhardt.

Pete Pitcher and Brendan Daly strike a pose.

via Wulf Ehrhardt

Club Meeting, circa 1970. From left: Pete Pitcher (treasurer), the late Graham Chilvers (CFI) and Wg Cdr Langstaff (Officer i/c Club).

Via John Bent

CFI Graham Chilvers (left) and Deputy CFI John Bent (right). Club treasurer Pete Pitcher in background.

Via John Bent

Club Meeting, 1970. Graham Chilvers (left) and John Bent (right) talk with Wing Commander Langstaff, Club Officer i/c

Via John Bent

From left: Wulf Ehrhardt, Pete Pitcher, Marly Ehrhardt, Brendan Daly and ?? all poshed up for a Club social, circa 1971

Via Wulf Ehrhardt

Pete Barden and John Bent refuelling the Dornier, circa 1971.

The height above the ground of the Dornier's wing made refuelling an acrobatic and strenuous exercise.

Via John Bent

John Chorley's much-loved bug-eyed Sprite is pressed into service as an aifraft tug. Club Fly-In Weekend, 1971

A visiting Tiger Moth on its way down the peri-track to the Club Hangar. Note the Control Tower in the background. Via John Chorley

John Bent gets an open-cockpit ride in a Tiger Moth, Club Fly-In, 1971

Via John Bent

John Bent on the Dornier wing, 1971

via John Bent

A typical scene at the Club bar, circa 1971

John Chorley at left, Martin Lane with moustache, Bob Swainson in the background.

Via John Bent

CFI John Bent introduces Prince Phillip to the Auster, 1972?

Club members John Chorley, Debbie Bayley and Gus Furness at attention.

Via John Bent

John Chorley (left) Matthew Houtmortels (centre) and Bob Swainson with Roger Goodwin's Mercedes and an Auster, Troyes, France, Summer 1972.

On an expedition to retrieve a long laid-up Auster for reduction to spares. Whatever happened to it?

Via John Chorley

Roger Goodwin and son Bruce with Bolkow, Summer 1972

He's in his 30's now and still won't do as he's told.

Via Roger Goodwin

John Bent's Australian girl-friend Marj at the Club bar, circa 1972. They have now been married for over 35 years.

Note the Club's cherished wrought-iron bar fittings - where are they now? - and fondly-remembered wall mural, now long gone.

Via John Bent

The clubhouse bar wall mural forms a backdrop for a couple of dancers.

Note the rudder, from an Auster, which sadly in this picture is dislodged and hanging loose. It was used to ceremonially record the honour roll of successful PPL graduates (just visible). Does it still exist, and if so where is it now?

Via Mike Kendell

John Bent and Marjorie notch up the first of the Club's many marriages. 15 April 1972.

Wulf Ehrhardt, Martin Lane and Bill Haddow form the left-hand flank of the Guard of Honour.

Via John Bent

Wulf Ehrhardt (left), Martin Lane and Bill Haddow (right), Summer 1972

Wulf, Martin and Bill were forming part of the Guard of Honour at John Bent and Marj's wedding.

Via John Bent.

Steve Pain (left) and Wulf Ehrhardt

At John Bent's wedding, 1972

Via John Bent

CFI John Bent holds forth in the Club bar.

Deputy CFI Bill Haddow in cardigan, Pam Newall modelling 1970's hemlines, Mike Kendell in white pullover, Ron Newall, Jake Jacobs in glasses.

Via John Bent

Some of the usual culprits in a typical scene at the Club bar.

Bill Haddow with cigar, Mike Kendell with pint, Ron Newall, Jake Jacobs with glasses, Gus Furness with tie

Roger Goodwin (left) and Jim Parker in an 'orrible 1970's cap during a land-away at Bonn Hangelaar, Summer 1973

Via Liz & Al Lemon

Liz Scott in the Bolkow, Summer 1973

Via Liz & Al Lemon

Liz Scott and Ian Thomas in the Bolkow, Summer 1973

Ian Thomas, another GD Pilot suffering through a ground-tour, took over as CFI after John Bent's departure.

Via Liz & Al Lemon

Roger Goodwin (left), Bob Hackett (centre) and Jim Parker about to board the Caribbean for an away-day trip, Summer 1973

Via Liz & Al Lemon

Well wrapped up against the cold, Pete Young moonlighting at the Gliding Club, circa Winter 1972

Via Pete Young

Airborne in the Caribbean. Al Lemon in profile. Summer 1973

Via Roger Goodwin

Al Lemon (right) and Jim Parker in a relaxed moment at Koblenz. June 1973

Taking the aircraft away for Club Away Weekends was a pleasant and convivial means of escaping the stifling RAF bureaucracy that always had to be observed at Laarbruch.

Via Roger Goodwin

Wendy and Bruce Goodwin about to board the Caribbean, Club Away Weekend, Summer 1973

Only by escaping to civilian airfields could Club members get their families airborne.

Via Roger Goodwin

Sometimes it seems that the Club achieved as many marriages as it did PPL's. Al Lemon and Liz Scott, summer 1974

Via Roger Goodwin

Pete and Jan Young, Christmas 1973.

Another 30-year Plus marriage for which the Club bears at least partial responsibility.

Via Pete Young

Yet another Club wedding. Dave Platt and Gail Jenkins, 1975

Via Roger Goodwin



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