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Phil Mummery, Dave Shepherd and Dick ?? relaxing in the sunshine during a land-away to Stadtlohn. Circa 1981.

One of the great pleasures of light aviation in Germany is the chance to take time out at one of the delightful little cafes with which every airstrip seems to be equipped.

Via Phil Mummery

Pete Cornthwaite, Club Chairman 1982-84, poses with the Club's Cessna 172 G-LOOK during a home run to Biggin Hill in early 1984.

Via Pete Cornthwaite

Pete Smith, Ian Mongini and Dave ?? pose with one of the club's Cessna 150's, circa 1984

Via Chris Lazenby

Club Rally, 1985. Alan Lukes, Doc Venner and John Hurrell

Alan, then a Corporal, is now a Captain flying Boeings. Doc Venner was one of the club's several German Air Force members, and John Hurrel was a QFI on one of the Laarbruch squadrons.

Via Phil Mummery.

Club Rally, 1985. Relaxing in the early evening sunshine outside the clubhouse.

This shot gives a good view of the club's portacabin, "purloined" after being damaged by fire during its service with the RIC, and attached to the old Control Tower

Via Phil Mummery

Pappa India at Trier, July 1985

Student PPL Chris Lazenby poses with the then still-new Pappa India during a land-away for "tea and stickies."

Today Chris flies Boeing 757/767's and has 9,000 hours under his belt.

Via Chris Lazenby

How the Hell did they get RAF permission to do this?

Designer Walter Extra poses his new Extra EA230 inverted for a photo and film shoot filmed on Laarbruch's taxiway. The Merc has a cameraman in the sunroof and there's another one in the boot.

He would fly inverted just above the Ferrari down the taxiway.

The EA230 has since become arguably the world's best aerobatic aircraft, known to millions as the machine used for the famous Red Bull air races.

Circa 1984

Via Chris Lazenby

A still from the film shoot.

Then-Club chairman Pete Cornthwaite confides that it was the promised attendance of some Playboy girls which got the Station Commander's authority - and the flying, he adds, was "magnificent and hairy."

Via Pete Cornthwaite


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