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Back in UK for the 1990 Cranfield PFA Rally.

Gordon Parkin, Steve Clark and Derek Hampson with Kilo Charlie on an away day to Nottingham Tollerton in July 1990.

Gordon was one of the club's mainstays who devoted the majority of his offduty time to instructing. Following his retirement from the Service he has continued to instruct professionally at a number of UK clubs. Derek was always a keen aviator and in addition to helping at Laarbruch also bought a PA28-140 and later a Bolkow Junior, which he group owned with Steve, and which he still owns and flies today from his work base near Rotterdam.

Via Steve Clark

Round Germany Tour 1990 - Furthest South. The approach to Vilshofen, picturesquely set beside the Danube.

The tour went South from Laarbruch to Bayreuth, then Vilshofen close to the Czech & Austrian borders, before turning north to Augsburg. Then Baden Baden, on up to Hannover and the island spit of Juist, before returning via Emden. For all who made the trip,it summed up the spirit of why the club existed and they areforever grateful to those made the club possible.

Via Steve Clark

August 1990 - the Round Germany tour reaches Baden Baden

Pictured during a stop at Baden Baden, Club flyers on that trip (l to r) Tony Maxwell (Wg Cdr), Wolfgang Djzonsko (German civil member), Steve Clark, Keith Fenwick (Met Man), Libby Fitton (civil member), Mitch Page (Avionics Technician).

Via Steve Clark

Round Germany Tour 1990 - Departing Baden Baden.

The club fleet lined up for a formation take off from Baden Baden. The two Slingsby's photographed from the right-hand seat of the C172 by Steve Clark.

Via Steve Clark.

Round Germany Tour 1990 - Furthest North.

Climbing out from the North Sea island of Juist, showing both the Tower and the signals square positioned on the cafe roof ! Photographer Steve Clark comments: " When you consider that the sea is just next to the runway, out of sight to the right, but can also be seen in the top of the photo, you can understand how thin the island is in width and why it is such an interesting place to visit."

Via Steve Clark

The 1990 Round Germany tour - safely back.

Some of the group on the return - Rebecca Clark, Mitch Page, Wolfgang Dzjonsko, Tony Maxwell and Keith Fenwick.

Via Steve Clark.

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