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Dave Cooper (
Date:04/08/2015 14:12:29
Subject:RAF Laar Rally

Rally was a must do at my flying club at Blackbushe, many happy memories especially flying the dams at 30 feet.. :-)

Especially proud to have won the spot landing at the very last rally in my T-Tailed Lance....


John Jackson (
Date:05/02/2015 14:22:03
Subject:First Solo on G-BLTU on 4th of June 1988

Came across the site today by accident when looking for a picture of G-BLTU to be used as my avtar on I was a member of the club in the late 80s and did my first solo on TU. Would like permission to download a picture of G-BLTU. Is Gordon Parkin still with us.


Heinz Willi Knechten (
Date:22/01/2015 10:52:02
Subject:Royal AIr Force Laarbruch Museum

Please take a look at the Museum's websites to find more about the history of RAF Laarbruch.
or even better:
visit the museum in the former church St. Peter's next to the ASTRA.


Peter Gooding (
Date:18/11/2014 14:56:50
Subject:Flying Club 1975-78

I was delighted to come across this site by chance. I was then a flight commander on 16 Sqn Buccs, and a QFI at the club. Your site is short of info on this period, which saw an energetic OIC, Sqn Ldr Ted Wood (Sqn Ldr Ops) move the HQ to a new site near the tower with a super bar and dining facility. He also introduced the Cessnas, and we had a lovely Piper Cub G-AYPT. Social life was great, and I met my wife Rosemary having taught her to fly. I would be happy to write more to fill in this period of happiness and success for the club.


Raymond Malik (
Date:02/11/2014 15:34:40
Subject:Civilian visits to RAF Laarbruch during the 90's

Great memories of fly-ins to the base during May '92 and again in May '93. In with a Cessna 150 and the second trip in a Piper Warrior. Stayed in vacant officers accommodation the first time, (make yourself comfortable but DO NOT USE THE COOKER!!). Excellent hospitality and very cheap beer at 1 mark a bottle. Lots of flying fun especially trying to dodge the professionals as they attempted to spot tail numbers, one of the RAF pilots almost pulling the wings off a C172 whilst ambushing us. Fly-outs to other fields including the strip on top of the hill at Koblenz. Cross country navigation test, (fly at 1500' and turn left at the post box)
I still have my two commemorative mugs, medal for the longest journey and certificate signed by Gerry Mulligan. Great times.


Ross McCartney (
Date:14/08/2014 14:17:20
Subject:Tiger Moth flight

How amazing to find this site when looking for old photos of RAF Laarbruch! When we were based in Laarbruch (1968-71), my father (F/Sgt McCartney) promised me and my brother a flight in an aeroplane with the flying club. Not sure if it was 1969 or 1970 but on the day of the flight I was ill so only my brother got to fly. But, two weeks later, it was my turn and when we arrived - what luck - I was given the opportunity of going up in a Tiger Moth from RAF Cranwell (there were two so maybe this was Easter 1969 and I was 10?). After some persuading by my Father I took the flight (but declined the offer of acrobatics by the pilot!). Very memorable day for me and just so surprised to find something about the visit of the Tiger Moths to Laarbruch. Thank you!


Jack Hawkins (
Date:03/08/2014 22:29:18
Subject:Auster G-AREI

Happened to see Auster G-AREI on the net and investigated. I flew with Two Rivers, RAF Laarbruch as an assistant instructor 1968-70(Barry Knowles CFI). Also flew Auster G-AREI at the flying club with S/L Phillips as my instructor. Had a great time at both clubs prior to returning to UK for aircrew.


isabel jackson (
Date:05/04/2014 09:11:23

I was at goch 1972-75 my husband was ground com it was lovely to see the photes


Mike Sabine (
Date:24/09/2013 01:00:14
Subject:Two Rivers Gliding Club 1987 - 1990

I enjoyed visiting your site today. It is nicely laid out and gives a thorough story of the flying club. The pictures brought back memories of the weekends I spent at RAF Laarbruch on the North side of the runway with the gliding club.

I was hoping I might find some information on two of my instructors during that time. One was John Sullivan, the CFI at the time, the other Vince Mallon, a Scottish fellow that also owned a motor glider. If anyone remembers them, I would appreciate it if you could pass along my email address to them or put me in touch with them.

Thank you,

Mike Sabine


steve wilcox (
Date:02/02/2013 01:14:23
Subject:where are they 1982_1985

Just found the site while browsing
I was a member 82~85 based then at Bruggen. Got my PPL in 1984, with Charlie McGee and Al Lukes under the guidance and instruction of Tim Stores.
I know what Charlie is up to, how about Al and Tim
I am currently in QA (Feb 2013) at Cathay Pacific Hong Kong
Hope you are all well

Cheers Steve Wilcox


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